Dr. Dendryte


The Psion was one of the anti-world’s most eminent scientific minds, and pioneered many arcanotech inventions that revolutionized society and created the thriving, modern world of Ael’zar. But he was obsessed with the one aspect of Ael’zar that was its most mysterious: the third element of the mystic trifecta — psionic powers! He wanted to master the power of the mind.


The Psion is a formidable opponent, and a powerful asset to any war party. The intricate peculiarities of the Eternal Contest appeal to his unstable mind. He believes the game contains eternal secrets that could empower him and allow him to build even more terrible devices of control and destruction.



Palm Blast

Damages target enemy with a chance to MARK. Each time he uses another skill, he becomes Empowered. When Empowered, the psykodrones will assist him the next time he attacks, shooting nearby enemies at random.

Psyko Pulse

Unleashes a wave of psyko energy, dealing damage and pushing back enemies in a cone. Deals bonus damage to each affected enemy for each buff or debuff on it.

Repulsion Field

Sends out two psykodrones to project a wall of pure psyko energy. The wall shocks nearby enemies, dealing damage and knocking them away. Each enemy can only be shocked once.

Psykodrone Blitz

Sends out a swarm of psykodrones that randomly shoot nearby enemies for several seconds. Each shot deals damage and LOWERS ATK. This debuff can only affect each enemy once.