The Boon Sister is one of the noble Boon Sisters of Valora, an ancient order that considers all life sacred. To them, life is a divine blessing. Peace and stability are the cornerstones of existence. They heal the injured and cure the sick without judgment. Good or evil, life is still life.


The wise Boon Sister is a healer and also a valiant ally. Beautiful, calm and deeply understanding, she is a welcome sight to any who are suffering or in trouble.



Dampening Splash

Throws a splash of water, dealing damage to an enemy from a distance. Each time she uses another skill, the next bolt deals additional damage.

Water Whip

Cracks a whip of water. Damages and SLOWS enemies.

Healing Ring

Sends out an expanding ring of water that heals herself and each ally it touches. When the ring reaches maximum range, it returns, healing each ally a second time.

Torrential Strike

Summons geysers of water in a line, damaging enemies and knocking them into the air. When they land, deals additional damage and STUNS.