The dreaded Fox Assassin is as deadly as she is beautiful. She guards her own history and secrets carefully, fearing that enemies would use such intimate information to defeat her, but it is believed she originally comes from the distant world of Earth where she was born into a noble family of great esteem.


Because of her breathtaking beauty, she quickly became the favorite of a powerful dynastic king. But few realized the wicked secret that lurked within the king’s bewitching consort. As a young girl, she was trapped and then possessed by an ancient vixen spirit. Her appearance as a beautiful young woman was just a mask; in truth, she was a cunning and evil fox who delighted in cruelty.



Foxfire Dance

Attacks enemies with her bladed fans. Each time she strikes an enemy with any attack or skill, she summons foxfire to orbit the affected enemy. When there are three flames, the next attack or skill will cause the foxfire to detonate, dealing bonus damage based on that enemy's missing HP%

Fan Toss

Throws her fan in a direction, strking enemies along its path and then spinning in space for several seconds. Deals damage and SLOWS eand enemy struck. The fan can be picked up by touching it, which reset the cooldown of this skill and ends the spinning effect.


Vanishes in a puff of smoke, reappearing behind target enemy and striking it. RAISES DEF, deals damage, and SILENCES the target.

Heart Ripper

Dashes to target enemy, dealing massive damage and inflincting 3 stacks of ONGOING DAMAGE before backflipping away. The closer the target is, the longer the distance of the backflip.