The Candy Munchkin is in the Eternal Contest because it’s a game. She loves games, and if this game is the best game life can offer, she wants in! Rules? What rules? It’s all about having fun, isn’t it? Oh, and playing pranks.


The Candy Munchkin has no idea what the point of the game is, and she doesn’t care. She just wants to play. Oh, and of course, she will sulk if she doesn’t get to win.



Candy Cannon

Fires jawbreakers at a target enemy from a distance, dealing damage. When enhanced, deals bonus damage to the primary target based on the enemy's MAX HP.

Sugar Rush

RAISES ATK SPD and temporarily enhances Candy Cannon, causing it to have increased range, deal bonus damage, and explode on impact, dealing damage to enemies behind the target.

Bubblegum Blast

Fires a blast of chewed bubblegum, propelling herself backwards. Damages and SLOWS enemies.

It's Raining Candy!

Bombards an area with candy. Each impact damages enemies and LOWERS DEF.