The Valkyrie showed great aptitude for magic as a child, and was accepted into the Valkyria, the high mystic order of Fiallgard. Fiallgard is the one part of Emanaton where true magic still exists — magic that is not enslaved or channeled by means of technology or psionics. This is due to its remote location and its proximity to the raw elements of sky and storm. The Valkyria are warrior-mages who command elemental sky magic in its purest form.


Trained by the Valkyria master mages, the Valkyrie has excelled in her ability to use storm magic. She is well versed in the arts of healing, and can protect her allies by conjuring up shearing winds. She can summon lightning from the heavens, or blast the fierce electrical fury of the storm from her staff.




Shoots lightning at an enemy from a distance. Every third attack bounces, hitting a maximum of 3 enemies.

Silencing Bolt

Conjures a bolt of lightning to strike a target location. Damages and SILENCES enemies. Bonus damage based on ATK SPD.

Healing Breeze

Creates a breeze that heals herself and then bounces to target ally and two more allies within range.


Summons a massive gale to aid her allies. RAISES ATK SPD and applies the HASTE buff to herself and all nearby allies.