Long ago, the Snake Lady was a magical white serpent who dwelt in the forests of Xinkashi. She often tried to help travelers who were lost and in trouble. They were always alarmed by the appearance of this large white snake, and seldom understood the beautiful snow-white creature meant them no harm.


The Snake Lady was simply fascinated by the other creatures of the world, especially those such as humankind, who had limbs and who walked upon the earth. She wanted to know more about them and how they lived their strange lives, and she wanted to learn their philosophies and ideas, and to share with them her own wisdom, for the snake is one of the wisest creatures of all.



Serpent’s Bite

Attacks target enemy from a distance. Whenever another skill is cast, the Serpent spits venom at a nearby enemy, inflicting ONGOING DAMAGE. The Serpent prefers to attack enemies with the MARK debuff, but will attack the nearest enemy if none are marked.

Viper Nest

Summons a swarm of spirit vipers from the ground. The vipers damage and MARK enemy Champions.

Awestriking Kiss

Blows a kiss that deals damage to the first enemy struck and STUNS. If the enemy is marked, the duration of the stun effect is longer.

Enfeebling Toxin

Hurls an orb of venom in a direction, dealing damage to enemies. When it reaches maximum range, it explodes into smaller globs of venom. Each glob deals damage to enemies and LOWERS ATK SPD. Can be recast within a short period of time to cause the orb to detonate early.