Not only does no one really know where the Time Keeper comes from, no one knows from when. The Time Keeper himself will sometimes tell people he originates from the Temple of the Ancients in the Ashken Desert of Valora, but at other times he says this is actually his intended destination.


The Time Keeper is in the game to get to the bottom of it all. He will persevere to the bitter end… or the very beginning… whichever comes first…



Temporal Flux

Attacks an enemy from a distance. Every 6.00 seconds, this skill becomes Empowered. When Empowered, lowers skill cooldowns of nearby allies by -1.00 second(s)

Echo Blade

Deals damage and LOWER ATK SPD of enemies. Heals and RAISES ATK SPD of allies.

Ripple Bomb

Summons a sword that slams down on target enemy after a delay. Deals damage and SLOWS enemies near the target. Bonus damage based on accuracy.

Temporal Void

Hurls a magical hourglass at target location. When it shatters, it damages and STUNS enemies. Bonus damage based on accuracy.