Of all the warriors that have arisen in fabled Valora, the man known as the Bounty Hunter is perhaps the greatest. His prowess with the sword is fearsome, but what truly sets him apart from others is his formidable strength and constitution. He can endure grueling punishment and great fatigue, the battle weariness that would overcome any lesser warrior, and keep pushing towards victory. He is notoriously relentless.


Eventually, the Bounty Hunter’s reputation as a ruthless cutthroat and soldier of fortune became widely known. He was the man who could get problems solved, if your purse was deep enough. He was reliable and indomitable… provided the money didn’t run out.



Hack n' Slash

Attacks enemies with his sword. Every fourth attack, he becomes Empowered, causing him to leap to his target and heals him for a portion of the damage dealt. He also becomes empowered whenever he uses a skill.

Energy Bolt

Throws a ball of energy from his hand, which detonates on the first enemy it hits. Deals damage and STUNS enemies in the area.

Epic Leap

Leaps through the air, bringing his sword down on his enemies. RAISES DEFENCE, damages enemies and knocks them back when he lands

Mighty Cleave

Swings his sword in a cercle around him, damaging nearby enemies and knocking them back. Ignores 15% of enemy defense