The Ink Ninja was born in a small village, but from an early age his great intelligence and nimble frame marked him out as special. He was sent away to study with the warrior-monks of Xin, and spent most of his youth training in disciplines of mind, body and spirit in their isolated monastery.


The Ink Ninja mastered the swift and stealthy fighting skills of a Xin monk, and was a formidable combatant. But his real interests were the pursuits of the spirit and the mind. He wanted to learn the true secrets of the cosmos and become properly enlightened.



Brush Stroke

Hurls ink at an enemy, attacking it from a distance. If the enemy is MARKED, the ink explodes in a powerful glyph which deals bonus damage and SLOWS.

Poisoned Tongue

Commands the frog to lash out with its tongue, dealing damage and inflicting MORTAL WOUNDS on all enemies in a line. If an enemy is MARKED, this also inflicts ONGOING DAMAGE.

Ink Slash

Draws a line of magical ink in the air, dealing damage to enemies in a perpendicular line. After a brief delay, the ink detonates. This deals a greater amount of damage and MARKS enemies.

Ink Spirit Calling

Brings ink to life, summoning a massive frog spirit to devour enemies. Deals damage to enemies within an area and knocks them into the air. If an enemy is MARKED, the damage dealt to that enemy is a guaranteed crit and deals bonus Crit Damage.