The fierce Mercenary comes from the world of Valora… but no one knows exactly where. The Mercenary has never fit in, and wherever she was born and raised, she has long since left it behind. She refuses to be drawn whenever she is asked about her origins. She says the whole world is her realm, and her home is wherever she happens to be. She is a true wanderer.


The restless Mercenary quit the guild and went rogue. More than anything, she felt that the rules and codes of the guild were too stifling. She has a need to be free, and has always fought against constraints. A rebellious spirit, she has no respect at all for authority or the customs of society.




Attacks enemies with her sword. Each attack reduces the amount of damage received from the next damaging effect.

Shield Throw

Throws shield in an arc. Damages and PROVOKES enemies. If her HP% is low when she uses this skill, its cooldown is lowered.

Uppercut Rush

Dashes in a direction until hitting an enemy and then uppercuts. Damages enemies, knocks them into the air, and STUNS.

Culling Blow

Delivers an inescapable blow to target enemy and all enemies near it. Killing an enemy with any skill lowers the cooldown of this skill. Bonus damage based on each enemy's missing HP.